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Me, Myself, and I; An unabridged tale.

Circa 1991: I, Ashlee Kate Robertson, burst into the world. A dramatic entrance and one resuscitation later, I was here. Seven days late but an entire lifetime ahead of me. A creative from a young age, I developed entire worlds and rich backstories for the toys I played with. I began writing as soon as I knew how and become lost in a world of wonder (usually a world where fairies faced an imminent battle against hoards of evil goblins). This passion for storytelling continued to develop through the written, the sang, and eventually, the cinematic. Labelled a daydreamer by my teachers, my head was always in the clouds. I couldn't spend enough time in my own imagination; it became a sweet escape from the mundane and the reality I would not succumb to. Before I knew how to write a film script, I would fill the columns of notebooks with camera movements, ideal angles, any details on how I envisioned the story, including character profiles, colour pallets, and lore. Although after leaving school, I initially followed a more traditional path, my burning desire for a career in the arts was always at the front of my mind and pursuing anything else felt like constantly swimming upstream.

In 2014 I was struck down with an illness. For an entire year, I was too unwell to leave the house. When I was slowly regaining my strength and reintroducing myself to society, I signed up to study an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. It was the true passion I'd always wanted to pursue, and it was through this motivation I slowly healed. Looking for the silver lining in the cloud, I eventually took my time spent confined to the house in good stride. Had I not been forced off the path I was on, I may be living a completely different life right now. I saw this as my sign to truly follow my dreams. And I have never looked back since. Twenty-nine years and I now find myself a freelancer, a business owner, and lucky enough to continue telling stories (though none containing fairies and goblins...yet).

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